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Confidentiality for your Communication

Secure your calls when you cannot trust the network infrastructure

Privacy-enabled use of your tech gadgets

We help you with the correct setup and use of your IT and phone. Read our security blog.

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Information is valuable! Protect it. With the right tools.

Encrypted Communications

Audio, Video and Text messages transmitted through the App on your phone are scrambled with top notch cryptographic algorithms.

Location and Call Records Privacy

It’s impossible to identify the location of the other party on the call. Your call data is encrypted: Nobody can tell who you are calling or who you called.

Why would I need this service?

There is mass surveillance taking place and many persons are of the belief that their privacy is being invaded and there is nothing they can do about it. They meet just so that they can have a private conversation and even then, they often feel insecure as they believe they are being watched. Recent revelations about the illicit (at least immoral) spying of telco companies or government agencies on all phone and Internet communications have caused people to become worried.

  • Don't give up. There are tools to deal with the situation.
  • These tools don't need to cost a fortune.
  • Everybody can take easy steps to become secured. Even You.
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    I don’t trust ISPs and mobile operators. Found a workaround! With I *don’t need to trust* any more.

    Mark, Dubai international business manager

    (It just works!)

    Eugene Chang 深圳

    Thanks guys! You made my life more secure!
    (谢谢SecTel.io让我的生活变得更好 我从未想过这可被简单化!)

    Larissa P. Client relations at Wieden+Kennedy

    I never thought this can be as simple.

    Anna private user

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