War of the Worlds aka. Android – iPhone

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So you mind your communications security and confidentiality. And you are thinking what’s the better option… Go with Apple and enter their slavery or join the Android community with it’s so freedoms?

Well, no point to hide that our clear suggestion is to go with a iOS device. From the security point.

Let’s give you a few basic pieces of facts at this point.

1. There are more then 5,000 new malwares detected daily (!) for the Android platform. That’s the number of the detected ones.
2. As of mid 2014 there were 5% of all Android Apps in the Google Play Store infected with viruses or malware
3. >90% of mobile threats target Android devices

Malware infections usually do things in the background with your phone which you wouldn’t want to be done. That can be leaking your call data, messages or location to a command&control centre somewhere in the world for further processing, but it can be secretly recorded audio of your phone’s microphone, too.

And furthermore it’s almost common practice already for installations procedures in Android to allow Apps all the permission they ask for even if they are 1 1/2 pages long – you ever saw free game Apps asking for permissions to access your contacts, microphone, cell data, etc.? If you are a Android user then there’s quite a chance you know what I’m talking about.

“Android… Land of the free… and infected…”

The reason why iOS devices are compared to their green-robot brothers relatively secure is the closed system architecture. Programs are not allowed to interfere with the core system. That’s a point many developers complain about, as it limits their programs’ feature scope – but understandably it gives a huge layer of security, too.

In case you decide to use Android devices, please make sure to use antivirus software and have all the permissions under correct control. Stay updated (newest version of Android and all App Updates!) Do a regular checkup of your installed Apps and make sure you don’t install hundreds of those “free” funny games. The risk may just not be worth it. Especially as you came to SecTel.io to seek privacy and confidentiality.

After all, it’s your decision which path to walk. Either way is correct. But know your stuff!

P.S. 1) Don’t  Jailbreak your iPhone. That makes it vulnerable to attackers!

P.S. 2) If you want to read more, you may do a web search on this topic: https://www.google.com/#q=android+iphone+malware

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