Still running your Android phone without Security Software?

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Android phones without Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software are not comparable to cars without air-bags. It’s more like pedestrians playing volleyball in the middle on the six-lane motorway at peak traffic.

There are thousands of new malware registered for Android devices daily. You read right, daily. Their main objectives are sniffing, spying, surveying you in whatever scope they can and vacuuming all data to send them to command&control centres (or call them data aggregation centres) for further processing.

In 2015 we should reach 2 million Android viruses in circulation. The market for Android Security products is huge, did you make your choice yet? Or you’re still the “nah”-sayer?

Let me say one thing. Using on Android and not using a proven Android security product – you can almost save yourself the subscription fee and continue doing what you’ve been doing before. Or how you’ve bee doing it.

Our pick for complex Android security is the Mobile Security and Antivirus App from ESET.

If you prefer to install it right now, click that link above when you’re reading this on your phone. Otherwise you may want to scan this QR code:


P.S. No, we are not affiliated with ESET Software. But they’re doing great products anyhow.


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