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“I´m using Redphone, so I should be OK, right?”
Redphone (Android) and Signal (iOS) are good pieces of software from Open Whisper Systems. The guys over there created a really good piece of software which is for sure worth looking at.
1. “Redphone is not designed to prevent meta-information capture. It still is possible for someone monitoring to figure out who you are talking to and how long you talked since no onion routing or similar system is implemented by it.” source:
2. You need to activate through SMS
3. You must have a phone number linked to it.
4. You can’t call users of other Secure Telephony Networks from RedPhone, but only communicate with RedPhone users. Well, and with “Signal”-Users. Signal is the iOS version of RedPhone.

Well, and differs from Redphone mainly in the points 1. to 4. … 😉

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