You may want to secure your e-mail communication, too. Follow these easy instructions.

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The encryption of your e-mail traffic requires you and the recipient of emails to use the same standard for e-mail encryption.
There are two industry standards for this.

  1. S/MIME
  2. PGP

S/MIME relies on certificates issued by central Certificate Authorities (Comodo, Verisign, etc.) and is supported by many email client programs and even smartphones. However, you need to rely on and to trust the Certificate Authority. You may want to have a look at Comodo’s offer of free 1-year S/MIME certificates.

To check out PGP please check the very nicely prepared instruction tutorial “Email Self-Defense”, compiled by the Free Software Foundation.

Do you want to communicate with us encryptedly? We highly appreciate that. Please send us your PGP Public Key to [email protected] and use our public key 0xB004CDDA to encrypt messages which only we can decrypt (because we have the according private key).


Update 04/OCT/2015: We’ve posted a S/MIME installation tutorial manual here. You may want to go through that, too.

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