FBI doesn't like end-to-end encryptoin

WhatsApp, Viber, everybody encrypts now! I don’t need SecTel.io, do I?

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Snowden’s revelations have already proven that power structures in the US and all around the world have been engaging in massive surveillance operations, gathering internet traffic and communications and processing them in private for a variety of reasons, and often without warrant or cause.

It is for this reason that a growing number of services are starting to encrypt user information and communications with strong cryptography. Latest of these, who joining the trend:

Viber strengthens user privacy with end-to-end encryption

More and more people are turning to services which employ strong encryption (for example, Telegram Secret Chats, WhatsApp’s new end-to-end encryption, WhisperSystems’ Signal and others) in order to protect their own liberties and to protect themselves from potential unwanted spying. We must continue to employ strong encryption not just to protect ourselves from those abusing their power, but also from hackers, fraudsters and others who are interested in the digital communications which we so frequently exchange nowadays.

The technology industry is moving in a clear “encrypt everything” direction, and this will thankfully continue to present a major challenge for those who wish to perform mass surveillance or to break into our private assets.

Now you may ask: “Why SecTel.io? When I can use my WhatsApp to encrypt my messages and calls.”
  • SecTel.io is 100% independent from your phone no. and SIM card. Other operators usually piggyback on your phone line. They do little to prohibit identification of your location, your “who knows who” and “who talked to who and when”.
    You can even use an non-SIM-card-equipped smart-phone or iPod to use SecTel.io and choose to share minimal information about yourself.
  • Other operators’ business models are not always clear to the public. Often the serviceĀ is “for free” – where the client and his communication is the commodity with value (data collections of the service operator).
  • Clients can choose to pay via Cryptocurrency, allowing secure and immediate payment while sharing no personal identifiers.
  • Operators of other IM systems have synchronized live access to contact lists and will even promote to others “John is on WhatsApp”.
    Don’t you think they are building and using their gigantic database of phone no.s and who-knows-who web of information?
  • OSTN (Open Secure Telephony Networks) around the world (all based on Open Source Technology) are interlinking between each other and allow a standardized encrypted calling between users of the various networks. SecTel.io is one of them, we don’t close ourselves – we open up to the world.
  • Our service is run out of Singapore, a country with very little interest in other countries’ people and their affairs. We don’t host out services in any of the pro-mass-surveillance states.

Yes, SecTel.io does not target the common end consumer.
Professional users and businesses who value maximum call and call data confidentiality know how necessary our service is.
Read more about our services here. Stay safe.

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