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Protect your Telegram account from being hacked

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Using Telegram for instant messaging? Good. You are already more secure than most users out there. Perhaps you should know this: “Iranian hackers have compromised more than a dozen accounts on the Telegram instant messaging service and identified the phone numbers of 15 million Iranian users, the largest known breach of the encrypted communications system, […]

FBI doesn't like end-to-end encryptoin

WhatsApp, Viber, everybody encrypts now! I don’t need, do I?

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Snowden’s revelations have already proven that power structures in the US and all around the world have been engaging in massive surveillance operations, gathering internet traffic and communications and processing them in private for a variety of reasons, and often without warrant or cause. It is for this reason that a growing number of services […]


Security awareness plan for every business (even yours!)

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Change passwords regularly If you have one key password or several, change them every couple of months or at least quarterly. Use Microsoft’s Password Strength Checker ( to determine the strength of your password, and don’t forget to use lower case letters, capital letters, and symbols – and preferably 10 or more characters. Don’t use […]


You may want to secure your e-mail communication, too. Follow these easy instructions.

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The encryption of your e-mail traffic requires you and the recipient of emails to use the same standard for e-mail encryption. There are two industry standards for this. S/MIME PGP S/MIME relies on certificates issued by central Certificate Authorities (Comodo, Verisign, etc.) and is supported by many email client programs and even smartphones. However, you […]