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Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I trust you?

You don’t have to. Your calls are end-to-end encrypted and even if we had evil intentions, we technically can’t tap into your conversations.
We’re here to stay, and want to serve the community for the long run.

Who are you? Where are you? Where are your servers?

We are an international team of  white-hat hackers and security experts affiliated with the company Kanzen Systems Pte. Ltd. (2013), a Singaporean IT Start-Up company. Our HQ is based in Singapore and we cooperate with experts from various countries. Our servers are in Singapore and Tokyo and we are using CDN technology for Acceleration of Web Services.

What device do I need to use the SecTel.io secure calling service?

You should use any of the following devices:

  • Android Smartphone
  • Android Tablet or Netbook
  • Apple iPod (only with headphones or Bluetooth headset)
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad

We advise you to use devices not older than three years, otherwise the service may not run optimally.

In case you need to use the communication system on Windows / Mac / Linux / Windows Phone / Blackberry, please contact us for individual system setup assistance.

What´s your advantage compared to Silent Phone, RedPhone, Silent Circle and others?

  1. SecTel.io uses the Open Secure Telephony Network Standard (“OSTN”). You are reachable from other supporting networks worldwide via your sectel.io ID even from non SecTel.io users!
  2. We don´t link your VoIP line subscription to your SIM card or phone no.
  3. Our service is 100% operated from Singapore and Japan and has no servers or affiliations with America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand (the “Five Eyes Countries“)
  4. We allow you to audit our code and verify the installation yourself. Inquire for more info.
  5. Flexible payment methods (incl. wire transfer, cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum, credit card)


I received a “Your registration expired error” push-notification. What does that mean?

For security reasons we set a seven (7) day timeout period for the push notification service.
Should you not activate (start or use) the Cloud Softphone for more than seven days, your registration at our server will timeout and we will not send you notifications about incoming calls anymore. Instead, we would alert callers that you are not available by displaying an message.
To remain available for incoming calls, simply run the App and allow it to connect to our service (green circle around “SecTel.io” in upper left corner.

SecTel.io usernames are letters and digits, the keypad for dialling shows only numbers!

Please tap into the empty space between the keypad and the top area (where the service name and the Settings button are located). This will open your keyboard. Tap “Return” to close the virtual keyboard.

I can’t scan the QR code inside the Cloudsoftphone App to install my account!

First please restart the application and try again.

If the problem persists, please consider embedding the QR Code into an empty Word document to create a proper white background. This usually helps the scanning. If still not OK, print the QR Code and scan it from paper (Reflections and contrast issues are the problem here).

Furthermore, you may visit the Client Login Area from your smartphone and use the the device linking code in the section “Manage my subscriptions” to activate your subscriber line in the App even more easily.

I can’t scan the QR code inside the Android App to install my account.

First please restart the application and try again.

If the problem persists, please use any other third party QR Code scanner (outside the Cloudphone App) to scan your personalized provisioning QR-Code. That would push the setup data into the App and you´re ready to go.

Data? Why do I need a data plan or wifi connection when I want to call securely?

Our system encrypts your audio/video and wraps that into packets, which are sent by using the internet connection  through our server, and to the other calling party. You need to have at minimum a stable 2G EDGE Data connection (40kbps), but 3G / LTE / WIFI are recommended for a pleasant using experience.

For your info: Your calls will result in approx 10kbps (1-2kB/s) data traffic. Which means a 30min SecTel.io call would consume approx 2.5 MB of data usage.

In other words: Your 1GB monthly data plan would allow you approx 200 hours of nonstop secure calling.

Will I remain available for calls even I don’t switch on the SecTel.io App?

Yes! That’s the beauty of our system. We will notify you by push notification service about incoming calls, you tap on the notification to start the App, and your call will be connected. That way your device does not need to retain the connection with our server and consume valuable battery power.

For security reasons we set a seven (7) day timeout period for this service. Should you not refresh your registration at our server (activate the App and let it connect with our server) for more than seven days, we will not send you notifications about incoming calls anymore. Instead, we would alert callers that you are not available by displaying an message.

Why is 2G Edge internet connection not recommended?

Although the bandwidth may be sufficient, the EDGE technology has a relatively high lag (transmission time delay). For Edge we are looking at 170-400ms. This is approximately 2-3 times higher than with 3G and approximately 5-10 times higher than LTE or good WiFi connections.

Furthermore EDGE Data connections would usually have a higher “jitter” (the inconsistency of transmission). It is therefore not ideal for real-time-stream transmissions (i.e. audio or video calling).

However, you will be able to do secure calling with SecTel.io through EDGE data networks. To achieve best results, try not to change your location while calling and aim to have the best possible GSM signal reception.

What IP transport ports is SecTel.io using?

TCP 80 & 443
TCP 5060 & 5061
UDP 30000 – 50000 (randomly assigned)


Can I have a proper invoice showing my company details?

Of course. Enter your correct invoicing data while submitting your order for subscriber lines and retrieve your PDF invoice from the Client Login Area (Section “My Transactions”) – or contact us at any time with your request.

I want to use my credit card for payment. Can I?

Yes, you can!
Please use the Client login panel for online self-service to do so!

Additionally, please refer to our Knowledgebase for further guidance. We implemented a ticket system for your support requests there, too.