OSTN – an “Open Secure Telephone Network”

Our hosted VoIP SIP Registration service allows you to communicate over the Internet securely and with the most adopted open technologies. Our network is interlinked with other worldwide operating services supporting the standards of the OSTN (Open Secure Telephony Standard), so your account with us has no boundaries. This is what mainly differentiates our service from other secure communications providers, who usually supply you membership in their closed network only, and the working principles of that system are regularly not compatible with publicly adopted standards.
OSTN is a de-facto standard designed by internet security activists. The standard defines a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service which is end-to-end secured with ZRTP algorithm (verifiable encryption), minimal logging, and a decentralized model of deployment and use. According to this standard, we deployed a system of compliant inter-operable server and client software. You can be part of the new secure telephony network by subscribing to our service.


Contact us if you are interested in installing your own secure SIP Server according to OSTN standard for your team or organization. We offer various business solutions. You can host your own server in-house, or we can host your server and connect your team members to be reachable from any OSTN user worldwide via their unique name e.g. [email protected]