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Secure Phone Calls

Make end-to-end encrypted, secure calls with SecTel.io. Our App uses push notifications to save battery and keep you available, even when the App itself is not running. We’ll de-register you from Push Notifications after 7 days of not using the App for security reasons.

  • Use your 6-digit alphanumeric User ID, e.g. abc123 to make and receive calls
  • To call users on any other OSTN-compliant networks use [email protected]_provider.com. Give them your SecTel.io user ID abc123@sectel.io so they can reach you.

You can save your favorite buddies in the “Quickdial” list inside the App. There’s a history of recent calls, too.

Secure Video Calls

Yes, there’s Secure Video Calling, too.
No extra cost for using video calls. No extra setup needed. Just choose “video call” in your App when dialing or tap the video icon when already in a call. Both video & audio are encrypted end-to-end.

Instant Messaging

Send messages encryptedly through the SecTel.io mobile App. Use the envelope icon inside the App to access messaging or long-tap a quickdial buddy, then select “Message”.
Messages are sent through TLS encrypted channels. Encrypted from sender to server and server to recipient.

Metadata Obfuscation

All activities are only traceable as a connection to the SecTel.io server, it is not possible to see who you are communicating with. This is particularly useful when you’re using an untrusted internet connection. Other VoIP providers allow direct connections, which allow the other calling party and your ISP to see your IP address (and approximate location).

Recording Avoidance

Our mobile App has no feature to record conversations, unlike several other VoIP Applications. Avoid the risk of the other calling party purposely or accidentally recording your confidential conversation.

Core elements of SecTel.io

Our server in Singapore is located in a top datacenter with best worldwide connectivity. Our SIP registration server keeps control of the connected users and routes calls and messages. It is based on open source VoIP PBX software and supplementing server modules. Because our business model does not bill users by the number of minutes or calls, we don't store any call data for longer than the call duration itself.

We provide a fully provisioned smartphone App for Android and iOS platforms. There is no technical knowledge needed to make your phone communicate correctly with our network. This is one of our unique advantages compared to other OSTN implementations. We can support you to set up desktop computers upon request, too.