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Advantage through Technology

We have years of experience and a deep background knowledge of the working principles of the data flows, system interactions and applied encryption mechanisms. But it’s our aim to keep the technological details out of your scope, so you can focus on your own business. We value your privacy and we explain technology as it is. You don’t even need to trust us and our servers, because we explain and encourage the use of end-to-end encryption over untrusted networks. is an applied trust-less VoIP service.

Complex Support for privacy-enabled use of Smartphones and Computers

We are at your services for consultancy regarding the correct set-up and use of your IT and phone. Today’s technologies are not privacy-enabled from scratch. Information is leaked at many points – let us assist you to use your technology in the most confidential way.

Privacy for your mobile communications

Calls through our service are end-to-end encrypted with state of the art open source encryption of the media stream. Furthermore, we have deployed other privacy-enhancing technologies to further facilitate your security. Please take a minute to read more about our service in the Technology Section of this website. Regain confidentiality of your calls, even in an environment where you cannot trust the network infrastructure.