Technical Details


The Technology behind our Service uses a combination of the newest technologies:

And for compatibility reasons with other OSTN Providers we support these Key Agreement Protocols:

  • DH2k (Finite Field Diffie-Hellman with 2048-bit Prime)
  • Prsh (Pre Shared Mode)
  • Mult (Multi Stream Mode)


  • the Base32 (Four Letters and Digits) Short Authentication String

Video Streams are encoded with the brand new VP8 codec and encrypted by SRTP-AES-128 for all internal calls. For compatibility with other video-supporting OSTN networks we have built-in H.264 & H.263 codec support (with SRTP-AES-128 encryption).

Our service does not permit any non-encrypted communication, neither Audio nor Video.


Further explanations are available on request.
Don't hesitate to ask.